Realizing the right to housing in Canada

The right to adequate housing is a fundamental human right that lies at the heart of human dignity, and is key to the realization of other rights.  Housing must be prioritized – and coordinated – by the federal government, and all provinces and municipalities.

This webinar will help guide you through where we’ve been and where we need to go in housing in this country, and will provide you with some tools to ask important questions of your federal candidates, members of provincial parliaments, and local Councillors.

Let your political representatives know that safe, affordable, adequate housing is one of the most pressing concerns that must be addressed today. 

Questions for federal election candidates: 

1. Will your Party uphold the commitment to the right to housing in the National Housing Strategy Act? 

2. What will your Party do to move us towards the right to housing for all in Canada and an end to homelessness?  

3. How will your Party support other levels of government, including provinces, territories and municipalities, in working towards a right to housing? 

Questions for the Mayor and City Councillors 

1. Will you support a comprehensive and robust rights-based approach to housing in Toronto’s HousingTO 2020-2030 Action Plan?  

2. What tools and resources will you make available to ensure a well-funded rights-based HousingTO 2020-2030 Action Plan? 

3. How will you engage provincial and federal governments to assist with fully realizing the right to housing in Toronto? 

Questions for Members of Provincial Parliament

1. Canada has recognized the right to adequate housing in the National Housing Strategy Act and is actively taking steps to implement a rights-based approach to housing across the country. What will Ontario do to implement and support the right to housing at the provincial level? 

2. What is the Province doing to support municipalities in adopting the right to housing at the local level?